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the Type: PocketPC
the processor: 400Mhz Intel PXA 250
an operating system: Microsoft Windows for Pocket PC 2002
memory: 64 MB of RAM, 48 MB of ROM, Flash ROM
a loading Operation
stylus, hand-written
buttons of fast call of applications: 4
Power supply and overall dimensions
Power supply: from Li-Polymer of an accumulator 1250 mAh, adapter alternating-current
a size: 84 mm x133 mm x16 mm
weight: 206 g
an information Output
the Map: colour, 65536 shades of colour
the screen: permission 240x320, touch
interfaces: ports: infrared(infra-red), series, USB, BlueTooth, Wi-Fi
slots of the extension: a card SD/MMC
by a Multimedia
the microphone, speaker, output(exit) on the headphones

Product Description HP iPAQ H5450

the handheld computer, thin removable battery, protective jacket, desktop kredl for connection to the PC through USB or serial port, padding stylus, adapter alternating-current, adapter for a charger, disk of a software the Comment the biometric device of identification of a fingerprint; universal kredl
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