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Product Description and Reviews PalmOne m125

the Type: PocketPC
the processor: Motorola Dragonball VZ 33 MHz
an operating system: Palm OS 4.0
memory: 8 MB of RAM, 4 MB of ROM
a loading Operation
stylus, hand-written with usage of special characters
buttons of fast call of applications: 4
Power supply and overall dimensions
Power supply: 40 hours from батарейки
a size: 79 mm x120 mm x18 mm
weight: 173 g
an information Output
the Map: monochrome, 16 shades of colour
the screen: permission 160x160, touch
interfaces: ports: infrared(infra-red), USB, kredl under USB a port
slots of the extension: a card SD/MMC

Product Description PalmOne m125

the slot under cards SD/MMC
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